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Tracking your Flight: Flight Track Pro iPad App

Flight Track Pro is an essential app for the mobile warrior. It’s probably the best $10 you will ever spend it you frequently fly.  The app allows you to keep all your friends, family, and co-workers up to date with your flight status. You can automatically synchronize your flight schedule by forwarding your airline confirmation emails to plan@tripit.com. Within a few minutes, your travel itinerary will automatically appear in your iPad’s Flight Track Pro app. In addition, the app functions as an organizer where you can write down all notes and any information needed for your vacation or business trip.  The software automatically alerts you with real-time flight information even when the app is not open so you won’t miss any schedule changes.  If your flight is delayed, or you are simply looking to find another flight, Flight Track will tell you alternative routes and can help you plan your trip. While this might be overkill, Flight track will allow you to view the airtime, aircraft, and spend & altitude (in US only).

My favorite feature was the incoming flight tracker that predicts if your flight will be on time. On my trip from Los Angeles to New York last week, I was able to use Flight Track to gauge my departing time and it was just 8 minutes off.
Developer Features:

• Automatic synchronization of itineraries
• View zoomable, live flight tracking maps with weather radar
• Push alerts – Notifications pop up even when app isn’t open
• Sync with your phone’s calendar
• In-app SMS
• Fast switching between FlightTrack Pro and other apps
• Track incoming flight legs to predict if your departing flight will be on time
• Track all your flights on one screen (iPad version only)
• Find alternate flights at a tap
• Full international flight coverage with 1,400 airlines
• Covers more than 4,000 airports worldwide
• Airtime, aircraft, and speed & altitude (US)
• Offline mode for use in airplanes, maps still work
• Predict flight delays with airport warnings and historical delay forecasts
• Pro-level flight status coverage rated #1 by the WSJ
• Save flight itineraries up to 11 months in advance
• Add flight notes for seat numbers, confirmation numbers and more
• Share flight status with friends and colleagues
• Review weather radar and forecasts

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