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MathBoard from Pala Software is one of the best math learning tools for kids from as young as kindergarten to elementary level. The program is designed to help your kids’ master basic arithmetic and elementary level mathematics. For younger children, you can learn simple addition and subtraction. Some of the features in Mathboard we found useful is the ability of the program to recreate the feel of a test for the kids to practice. With the App you can create a test with as many as 250 questions and have it timed. The problems are randomly generated so your kids cannot simply adapt to the tests. You can control the number ranges (-1000 to 1000) to fit your child’s skill level. The math level goes up to the 6th grade level. There are problems ranging from simply addition and subtraction to higher elementary level topics such as squares, cubes, and square roots.

What makes the app worthwhile in this reviewer’s opinion is the children are able to learn from their mistakes. The app helps the children do this in two ways. The first is that Mathboard saves incorrect answers so that you can over them later. The incorrect (and correct) answers are given to the kids to review as well as the equations are shown. From there you can do more than just review the wrong answers, you can create another test from incorrect answers to help your children prepare better. The second helpful tool with Mathboard is it has as an intelligent “wrong” answer algorithm that makes guessing on questions more difficult. The wrong answer generation  can insolate and analyze weaknesses in your child’s knowledge much faster.
One last feature that we found very helpful is the Problem Solver for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The program will solve those problems step-by-step visually for your child breaking complex problems into basic pieces.

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