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The NY Times makes the first attempt at delivering news over the iPad with the free Editor’s Choice app created for the iPad. In recent times, conventional mass media has fallen behind social media and weblogs in delivering digital news as it happens. The NY times App hopes to bridge this gap by creating a real time news delivery platform. The App provides rich photos and the same layout and font from the paper version of the NY Times paper. Articles are displayed and expanded by a few taps on the screen but readers should be aware that the App does include banner ads.

After launching the app, the most recent edition of the NY Times is delivered electronically to your iPad. Even though free Editors’ Choice edition will not provide the whole newspaper, the app downloads the very best 8-10 articles for the day. Furthermore, the NY Times app presents certain sections for Business, Technology, Opinion, and Features.
This shortened version of the NY Times is the result of a particular deal struck with Amazon for delivery on the Kindle. Amazon has exclusive rights to the full paper in e-reader format. The deal reportedly allows Amazon competitors full access to the text of the paper, but does not allow the NYTimes to provide that content at a lower price than Amazon.
If you want to read the NY Times, we recommend not to bother downloading the App to your iPad. You can access the whole paper online through your browser for free. In the near future, the NY Times will place their whole site behind a pay wall and charge for content, but till they do we recommend taking advantage of it.  The NY Times just recently raised prices on the Kindle version from $13.99 per month to $19.99. If and when the full version comes out for iPad, expect it to be at or higher than the Kindle Price. (Ironically, you can get the full version of the NY Times on your iPhone!)
Publisher Description
Enjoy the award-winning journalism of The New York Times with the unique functionality and navigation of the iPad. The Editor’s Choice application offers a limited selection of news, opinion and features that are automatically updated to your device.
Now there are more ways to gain access to The New York Times on the go. NYTimes.com applications bring news, games and features to you in an environment specifically designed for your mobile device.
* Unique display of media content – View photos and videos optimized for display on the iPad’s cutting-edge screen.
* Simple Navigation –The New York Times application enables reading articles and browsing photos and videos with ease, leveraging the iPad’s sophisticated navigation capabilities.
* Offline reading – The New York Times application is designed to download and sync content to your iPad device via Wi-Fi or cellular networks, enabling access to stored content offline and in airplane mode.
* Share options – E-mail articles to friends directly through the application.

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