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Cupcakes! is a must have game for long road trips if you have very young children. As one of the top food games in the iTunes network, Cupcakes has very long track record of fun and enjoyment.
Recently I had my sister and her two young kids over for the weekend.  Both girls – 4 and 5 respectively  loved that they could bake, decorate and eat the cupcakes they made on their iPad…even though it was all done virtually.
Essentially the App allows you do everything you would to make a cup cake, with the exception of physically eating it. The game replicates the entire experience of baking cupcakes. You choose cupcake lingers, fill the pan, bake in the oven, etc. You have total control over topping your cupcakes. One of the favorite things to do with this app is to shake the iPad just to get the right amount of sprinkles. You can even put a candle to blow out it out by blowing into the iPad microphone!
App Features:
32 different color and patterns of cupcake lingers (red polka dot, leopard print, tye die, red, purple, etc.)
17 cupcake batters (white, yellow, strawberry, carrot cake, confetti, etc.)
55 Types of Frosting
70 Toppings (gummy bears, rainbow sprinkles, banana slices, chocolate candies, cookie bits, nuts, and more….

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