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Capdase Privacy Guard Roamer for iPad

Capdase introduces a privacy film for the iPad. It works similar to many of the privacy guards you can purchase for your laptop. What make this product unique is that in can be flipped around to be matte (anti-reflective) or glossy.  The price for the Capdase Privacy Guard Roamer is pricey at $52 MSRP, but it works as described if you must have a privacy guard for sensitive work. The film works from all four main viewing angles (left, right, up, down). The field of vision with the film is approximately 35 degrees. As your iPad is rotated away from your viewing angle past 35 degrees you’ll notice the screen turning black very quickly, just what you are looking for in a Privacy Guard.

To achieve this feat the film does cut down on the transparency and brightness of the screen.  It is definitely noticeable but not as severe as any other privacy guard for computers. Installation has to be done carefully as Capdase left less than a1mm of error. The cut is extremely precise and leaves no room for error.

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