What to do if your iPad battery will not charge

Here is a list of steps to troubleshoot why your iPad battery won’t charge before having to send it in for a replacement battery.

  1. Double-check all connections to create certain everything is plugged incorrectly.
  2. Try connecting your iPad cable to the USB power adapter and plug that into an outlet. Apple has stated it does not guarantee that your iPad will charge on older MACs and PCs.
  3. If you charge your iPad normally through a USB connection to your computer. The computer might have gone to standby. Wake up the computer from standby or sleep mode or even restart your computer.
  4. The USB port might not be transferring enough power to charge your computer. You can also try to check your computer’s motherboard manufacturer website. After the release of the iPad, virtually all the manufacturer’s released a BIOS update to their motherboard to account for the iPad’s higher charge draw.
  5. You might have a defective or damaged power cord. If you own an iPhone or iPod, use that cord to see if you iPad charges.
  6. Soft or hard reset your iPad.  Directions can be found here.
  7. Your iPad might be charging even though the status bar displays “Not Charging.” We have seen a software glitch in some of iPads. Notice the charge level before plugging in your iPad to the AC adapter or USB port of your computer. (i.e. 65%) If a few hours later you see the status bar displaying a higher charging percentage, your battery is not the problem.

If you still cannot locate the issue preventing your iPad from charging after these steps, you might have a defective or spent battery.  A replacement battery will cost you US$99 plus $6.95 shipping. We suggest going to an Apple store for a diagnosis if one is reasonably nearby.

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