How to Set up your Wi-Fi Connection on the iPad

Turning on Wi-Fi card on your iPad:
1)      Tap “Settings” on the Home Screen
2)      Tap “Wi-Fi” on the Left Hand Screen.
3)      Slide the Wi-Fi lever to “On” on the right hand screen. This should be the first option.
Choosing a Wi-Fi Network
When you are connected to a wireless network, the name of that network will be displayed to the right of the “Wi-Fi” button on the left hand panel of the Settings Screen. If you have not a chosen a Wi-Fi network, follow these steps:
1)      Follow the steps above to go into the Wi-Fi Settings. Right below where you turned on the Wi-Fi, you will find a “Choose a Network box.” Your iPad will display all the detected Wi-Fi networks. Press the name of your home network or any network you want to use. You may also manually add a Wi-Fi network by pressing the “other…” button.
2)      Type in the network Password if you are using a secured connection.

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