Listening to music with a wireless stereo Bluetooth Headset

Do you want to use your iPad as an mp3 player? Have you downloaded all your music files to your iPad’s flash drive?  If so, then you might want to switch from the traditional wired hookup to a fully wireless setup. To listen to music with your iPad, you have to options: go wired or go wireless. The first is the old school method of listening to music.

Simply connect a pair of headphones or ear buds with the standard 3.5mm stereo plug to your iPad such as your white iPod ear buds. The iPad will then recognize that you have inserted a headset, and will route sound from your iPad speakers to your wired headset automatically.
To take full advantage of the iPad you should upgrade to a stereo Bluetooth headphone that connects wirelessly to your iPad’s Bluetooth transceiver. Now you have no more worries about tangling your headphones or tripping over the wires.
Buying the right headset
To set up a wireless headset first make sure you purchase the right equipment. There are many headsets advertised as Bluetooth but you must make sure you buy the right ones. When shopping for a Bluetooth headset make sure it’s a stereo Bluetooth headset if you are looking to listen to music. Many readers accidentally purchase Bluetooth headsets designed for cell phones by mistake. Bluetooth headsets that are designed to play back music in stereo are designated as A2DP. If you do not see the Bluetooth advertised as A2DP, chances are it’s the wrong design.

To be able to listen to music through your Bluetooth headset, you first must pair the headset with your iPad. Pairing introduces two Bluetooth capable devices so that they work together. You only need to pair two devices once if you enable the devices to automatically recognize (and pair) during the initial setup.
To Pair your headset to your iPad, follow the below instructions.
1)      On your iPad, touch “Settings,” then “General,” then finally touch “Bluetooth”
2)      Turn your Bluetooth on your iPad
3)      Turn your Bluetooth headset on
4)      The iPad will search for all the Bluetooth devices that are discoverable around you. When you see the name of your Bluetooth headset, select the device by touching it on your iPad.
5)      Some headphones require a passcode, if your device requires that a keyboard will appear on your iPad to input the passcode.  You will find your headset passcode in the device manual.
6)      Once paired, you can now listen to music on your iPad. To adjust volume, simply adjust it on your iPad like you would a normal wired headset.

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