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The iPad is the ideal device for kitchens beating the functionality of a laptop or iPhone in the kitchen.  Those who love to cook should download the free versions of Big Oven and Epicurious, which we consider here at MyAppWorld the two best recipe/cooking apps available for iPad. BigOven Pro is the paid version of the outstanding BigOven Website.  BigOven “Pro” version for iPad is $5 and is worth the money for those who love cooking. Big Oven Pro has over 170,000 recipes in the BigOven database all created by users. Virtually all of the recipes include pictures and reviews.  What’s nice about this App is you can find any recipe by ingredient. There is a “Use Up Leftover” wizard that allows you to pick up to 3 ingredients and returns recipes you can try.  The Idea Wizard generates recipes based on the ingredient you enter and can filter by special categories such as a recipe being easy or child friendly.

Search and navigation controls are on the left hand side making this a very easy app to use, especially when you have your hands tied up cooking. Other features include emailing recipes to your friends and family, compiling and sharing grocery lists based on the recipes you’re browsing. There’s also a recipe queue so that you may save and try out recipes as you read about them. Big Oven has a grocery list is a “smart” grocery list which will leave out things such as “salt” and “pepper” knowing that you have those items in your pantry.
In conclusion, Big Oven Pro is a great App at an affordable $5 for those who love to cook.  Those who do not want to invest the money can’t go wrong with downloading the free version of this software if you do not care for the premium features.

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