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6 Essential iPad apps for lawyers

1. iWork – ($30 for suite, or $10 per app) – iWork is an office suite that provides a word processor (Pages), a spreadsheet application (Numbers), along with a presentation application (Keynote). This application suite will allow you to create and edit various types of documents, forms, and presentations. iWork also supports Microsoft Office file formats such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

2. iAnnotate PDF ($9.99) – iAnnotate PDF Allows you to read and comment on PDFs. While it won’t replace paper contracts, it comes surprisingly close. Your comments and edits fully integrate into the PDF. What this means is you can send the PDF to colleagues and they will be able to read your comments with any PDF reader such as Acrobat, and without having to own a copy of iAnnotate.
3. DocuSign – (Varies on Service Level) – DocuSign allows you to sign electronic contracts. Currently the company has not developed an iPad app but with the release of Version 10.1 you can sign documents through your iPad browser.
4. Air Sharing(Lite $2.99 or Pro $9.99) – Air Sharing is a popular file transfer software that allows you transfer files to and from your iPad and any device. It supports all the major document formats including PDF. AirSharing originated with the iPhone and has won countless awards. The original iPad version was a little buggy but the latest update (version 2.3) has fixed most of the initial flaws.  Attorneys will love the security features that allows you password protect secure connections as well as place a passcode lock for App Security.
5. Desktop Connect($11.99) – Desktop Connection allows you to control your Desktop or Laptop computer from your iPad. Whether you run Linux, MAC OS, or Windows; you can be on the go and have access to all the files in your office. With Desktop Connect you can also view flash videos and the software supports 3G wireless natively. You’ll need to have VNC or RDP set up for the desktop/laptop to ensure that the iPad can view your screen.
6. Dragon Dictation (Free!) – Dragon is the world leader in transcriber software. There Naturally Speaking software is the standard in voice-to-text applications and is the engine behind the iPad Dragon Diction app. Depending on how fast you speak; dictating can be five times faster than typing. Since the iPad comes without a physical keyboard, using this software is even more important to increased productivity as it fully integrates into other iPad apps.

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