Using your iPad on an Airplane with “Airplane Mode”

If you have ever flown on an airline, you will notice that during take-off, and before landing, the flight attendant will ask that your turn off all your electronic devices. This is done to protect sensitive airline electronics and prevent interference with flight navigation and communication systems. As a safety measure, this is the best way to guarantee that all devices that emit wireless signals are safely turned off. The iPad is more than just a wireless device as it allows users to watch movies, listen to music, play games, read books, and much more. And all this can be done without the use of the WIFI, cellular 3G, or Bluetooth antennas.

When flying on an airplane, you can put your iPad into a special mode called “Airplane Mode.” This automatically turns off the transceivers for your iPad’s WIFI, Bluetooth, and cellular 3G.
To place your iPad on Airplane mode, follow the simple steps below to turn off your WIFI, 3G, and Bluetooth transceivers:
Step 1: You need to go to the Settings Screens. Touch the “Home” button if you are not on the home screen. Then touch “Settings.”
Step 2: Touch the Airplane Mode On/Off switch to turn on this setting. Within a second, your iPad will disconnect and power down your cellular 3G network, Bluetooth, and WIFI network.
Notes: On your status bar where the signal strength and network icons are normally, you will see an Airplane icon when the Airplane mode is activated.

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