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4 Free iPad Sports Games

Air Hockey Gold

With the option for 1 or 2 pucks, this 1 and 2-player air hockey favorite is a blast for young & old alike! This is the only air hockey that lets you play with 2 pucks at once!
If you’re alone, play a computer opponent ranging from Kiddie to INSANE! Get a friend and grab your mallets to see who dominates the table in 2-player mode. Try off the wall banks & combos to spoil your opponent’s defenses and be the first to score 7 points – just like in real air hockey!

You’ll play with easy to control mallets that aren’t too big or small and a puck that rockets across the table. The goals are sized to perfectly balance rapid game play and the challenge of the game. Advanced physics and air hockey sounds make the game act and sound like you’re playing on a real table!
Par 72 Golf III Lite for iPad

Par 72 Golf is a fast paced golf game featuring three courses set in mountain, desert, and seaside environments.
– Three dimensional hills, water, undulating fairways, sand traps, and tiered greens
– Realistic aerodynamics, gravity, and friction
– Wind and distance indicators
– Perspective and overhead views
– Choice of male or female player
– Automatic or manual club selection from 11 clubs
– Resume play
– Top scores leaderboard
– No overly cute or overexposed celebrity players.
– New in version 3: merciless computer opponents.

Paper Football HD

Paper football brings back the old school feel of playing this game on a rainy day.
✓Vibrant cartoon graphics
✓Simple gameplay with endless replay value
✓Old school feel – relive your glory days in the school cafeteria
✓Head-to-head multiplayer with friends
✓ A worldwide highscores list

The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid FREE game application allows you to play five martial arts training exercises. As you play, you will earn experience points. The more you train, the faster you progress towards becoming a martial arts master. New levels ranging from white to the highly honored black can be earned as you gain more points. Awards will also be achieved by completing specific tasks throughout the games. Each level or award earned can be shared on your Facebook wall!

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