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Menotek Waterproof Mini Keyboard

The Menotek Waterproof Mini Keyboard designed for the iPad is a great bargain at $29.99 MSRP. Whether you have an iPad or iPhone, it works with both. Menotek also includes a USB dongle to install in your computer for use.  It’s fully compatible with MAC OS, Linux, or Windows desktop and mobile OS, Symbian 6.0, and Android.

This keyboard is made of durable plastic. When testing if it was waterproof we spilled soda and coffee and found the device worked fine. We also threw the keyboard into our 6 foot deep backyard pool overnight and the next morning it worked! While not as stylish as the Apple keyboard in this author’s opinion; it is a no non-sense, practical design. The keyboard was responsive and fairly quiet. Much quieter than the standard keyboards at my office. It’s also one of the most portable designs we have tested as you can fold it up to carry, a great feature for the mobile road warrior. My favorite feature on this keyboard is the USB retractable cord to recharge the keyboard. So with this device you will not have to waste time and money searching for batteries.
Installation is really simple and it’s pretty much the same as pairing any other Bluetooth device. The first thing is have the Bluetooth code handy as it’s different for each device. Next, turn on the keyboard by pushing the power switch to the left and turn on you iPad Bluetooth. After that, press the connect button on the keyboard. You’ll see a red blinking light. It will stay blinking till it times out or is sync with your iPad. Have your iPad find the device and when it does select the keyboard for pairing. You will then be prompted for the passcode. Enter and your devices will be synced.

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