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SkoobaWrap Case for iPad

“A case without a case”…Skooba Design has a unique way of making cases. Their SkoobaWrap 16″ Wrap in Black/Green is the best way of carrying protection wherever you go. It goes beyond the usual form and function of design. At an affordable price, their case is a versatile in many ways. Although oddly shaped, soft nylon and satin protects your iPad with reversible sides and Velcro attachments. The Skooba wrap it fits more than just the iPad, you can protect your notebook and any other device or object you want to protect.
Skooba wrap comes in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large but the medium case works great for the iPad.

  • 1/8-inch thick foam interlining throughout, to protect against bumps and jolts.
  • Hook/loop closures at all four corners allows SkoobaWrap to be folded, rolled and closed in virtually limitless configurations.
  • Materials: Velcro-compatible tricot exterior and scratch-free nylon pack cloth lining.

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