Manage and protect your iPad passwords with eWallet

eWallet ($9.99) is a bit pricy for an iPad app, but those who shop online or handle their financial transactions with their iPad might want the extra level of security and peace of mind. eWallet is a popular password manager for the iPhone and other mobile platforms. With the launch of the iPad, the developer Ilium software has created an iPad version of its award winning mobile app.  If you use your iPad for managing your bank accounts, checking your credit card statements, and paying any of your bills, a secure password manager is essential to prevent financial loss or identity theft, if you lose your iPad.

Having sold over 500,000 copies of security software over a 12 year period, Ilium software has a proven track record keeping your information safe. We appreciate the value of eWallet as Ilium allows purchasers of their software to use the app on their iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone without having to pay for an additional copy. eWallet provides a secure platform to protect your usernames, PINS, and passwords. The software uses the same level of encryption found in government and military computers. Your data is encrypted with a 256-bit AES encryption algorithm compared to the 128-bit encryption typical for bank account access and online transactions.  eWallet also provides secure storage for your bank and credit card information. If you enter your passwords incorrectly there is a built in fail safe that locks the iPad down for a period of time. In addition, eWallet monitors your web browsing for phishing scams and will tell you a website is legitimate or not.  Another security feature the software has is a password generator to ensure you don’t use a password susceptible to a brute hack.
For those who wish to use eWallet on your desktop or laptop computer,  eWallet allows you to sync with your desktop and other devices. There is a computer version for both Windows and MAC but you have to pay extra for it. A 30 day free trial is provided so you can try the software and see if it is something you want to purchase.

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