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Trading stocks on your iPad with Etrade Mobile

Do you need to know how your positions are doing? Ready to buy and sell morning, noon and night, and also when you’re within the go? Then you should try out the E Trade mobile app.
This app syncs with your on the web account so you can trade with E Trade wherever there’s an internet or cellular connection. Even though that could possibly not seem like a necessity to some people, active traders will enjoy a level of mobility not seen before. This app does not have all the features of the web based account, but it will allow you to have up to date information on your financial holdings, as well as execute trades in the market as needed.

When you first start this app, you get a quick overview of the stock market. You can choose from the following major indices: DOW, NASDAQ or S&P 500. Simply touching either one will give you a snap shot of today’s market conditions.  You can also search any stock or mutual fund by entering the symbols. Furthermore, you’re able to look up company fundamentals as well as access stock charts and financial statements.  The only negatives we found were those who trade more exotic instruments as options.  The charting feature’s lack’s zoom and you have to manually look up the particular option instruments. You will also find the app not as intuitive as trading your account from the web browser. Overall, it’s a great app for active traders, but it may be unnecessary for those who do not actively invest on a regular basis.
• Free streaming real-time quotes with integrated charts
• Breaking market news and commentary
• Easy stock & options trading with market, limit, and advanced orders
• Simplified account management from a single screen
• The same live watch lists and portfolios you set up online
• Quick cash transfers to and from any institution²
• And, with OS 3.0 you can set up stock price alerts from the quote details page, and receive push notifications for all Smart Alerts
Log on securely in seconds. Because none of your personal information is stored on your device, your account is safe and secure.

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