How to read RSS Feeds in the iPad’s Safari Browser

RSS is an abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication. It’s a protocol that allows for publishing stories by releasing the story summaries of a site in a manner that is easy to track and publish.  The purpose of RSS feeds is to make it really easy to follow all the new material published by a website. RSS feeds allow readers to be notified of new stories without any manual work such as typing in the URL, and clicking to the new pages.
For those who subscribe to RSS feeds for their favorite blog, newspaper, or website; you can save them in your iPad with Safari’s built in RSS reader.
Safari makes it really simple to read RSS feeds. Type or touch the link of the RSS feed and safari will display the table-of-contents view that list the most recent stories in the feed. You can save RSS feeds like you do Bookmarks.
Helpful Hints:
You can tell if a URL is an RSS feed by protocol feed:// that starts most RSS feeds.
Another Protocol that serves as the same functions as RSS feeds are atom feeds. You will often see sites offering RSS or Atom feeds.

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  1. Where do you add the RSS feed from Safari browser? I don’t see RSS icon or anything.

    1. HakimC-
      There is no RSS icon on the safari browser. Each website you browse might have a RSS feed. The location of the RSS feed is dependent on the individual website. Some are hard to find. Below is a link to the Wall Street Journal listing all is RSS feeds. To demonstrate how RSS feeds work in your safari browser, just tap on one of the WSJ feeds for practice.

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