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Apple now accepting cash for its iPads (video)

Nothing like bad press to change corporate policy.  Recently, Diane Campbell, who is disabled and on a fixed income, tried to purchase an Apple iPad in Palo Altos’ Apple Store with the $600 she has saved up in cash. But an Apple store workers told her that cash was not an accepted form of payment for the iPad, only credit cards or debit cards.  Apple’s no-cash policy was implemented by Apple as a means of ensuring that customers were sticking to the two-device limit  and to keep the devices off the black market.

Luckily, this  loyal customer was able get her voice out there and now Apple has reversed the policy. It now accepts cash just as long as customers sign up for an Apple account while in the store at the time of purchase. As for Diane, Apple delivered  a free iPad to her house and as a local  news reporter says, she has “changed a little piece of the world.”  Check the video below:

Apple now accepting cash for its cold hard iPads (video)

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