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With the release of Version 1.1.1004 of the ABC player iPad App, ABC has removed the 3G restrictions. Previously you could only watch ABC shows on the iPad in WIFI. In addition, the new update fixed a lot of bugs in the previous player and more importantly, now allows users to watch shows in landscape orientation.  The ABC player is free and there are no plans in the future to charge for service.  Consequently the player is “paid” for by advertisements. There is simply no way around this.  Like network and cable television ads do appear on this free app, but the frequency is the same as other online videos.

The ABC player was one of the first apps released and we here at MyAppWorld wonder what’s taking all the other networks so long release their versions. Video’s load very quickly and video quality is excellent for both streams in WIFI and 3G. Of course, WIFI, with its greater bandwidth allows for better video quality than streaming over any current 3G network. 3G video play back was tested on AT&T 3G network and we haven’t tested on other networks such as Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile.  Video quality was good and audio was excellent with both video and audio syncing perfectly.
The ABC Player has some other useful features users should be aware. First, the player remembers the last 12 videos you watch and allows you to pause and resume at your discretion. Secondly, there is a zoom in option for portrait viewing. We suggest going to landscape mode for full screen viewing.  Lastly, you can skip around the episode, fast forwarding and rewinding as you like, but you cannot skip the ads.
The ABC Player currently has 20 ABC shows. There are full length episodes of your favorite shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Lost. The following list isn’t comprehensive and you should go to iTunes for the most recently list if you have not installed the app on your iPad.
Evening Shows: Better Off Ted, Brothers and Sisters, Castle, Cougar Town, Dancing With The Stars, Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, FlashForward, Grey’s Anatomy, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Lost, Modern Family, Private Practice, Scrubs, Supernanny, The Bachelor, The Deep End, This Week, Ugly Betty, V, 20/20

Daytime Shows: All My Children, General Hospital, One Life To Live, and The View

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