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Power Support USA HD Anti-Glare Film

I tend to have issues reading on a glossy screen for a long time especially when reading books. Every since I recieved the iPad, my efficiency has increased and I have been able to read several books a week. One important accessory that I bought for the iPad was a screen protector from Power Support USA. It not only protects my iPad device from those unwanted scratches, but it also allows me to look at the screen with ease.
The Power Support HD Anti-Glare film really is worth the $34.95. This is the best anti-glare film for the iPad because it still shows the high quality liquid crystal display of the iPad. I have been using it for 8 months and it still looks like it was first applied. The film is easy to apply and protects my iPad from scratches and smudges. I am a avid reader of eBooks so my preference is the matte style screen rather than the high gloss reflective look. I give this screen protector my 5 stars rating.

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