Syncing large amounts of data with your iPad

In the event you make a large amount of modifications to your iPad content, iTunes displays a warning that the sync is going to make a significant change to your computer content. This is feature is designed to prevent massive, unintended changes to your data.  The threshold is five percent, which means that sync alterations of more than five percent of will create a warning message. It doesn’t matter what type of content (i.e. bookmarks, notes, contacts, etc.) so long as the changes are 5% or more.

For example, the Sync Alert dialog will appear if you sync more than five percent of your computer’s bookmarks. If you’re expecting this, click the “Sync Whatever “button, where Whatever is the type of data: Bookmarks, Contacts, and so on.  If these changes are unexpected, there is a “Show Details” button to itemize the changes and alternations that will be done. You can click “Sync Later” if you are having second thoughts and want to skip that part of the sync.
If you’re running iTunes for Windows, you have the choice of turning off this warning or adjusting the threshold to a higher limit. Mac users do not have this option as iTunes for Mac for some reason does not have this adjustment coded in their version.
Follow these steps:
1. Choose Edit ➪ Preferences, or press Ctrl+, (comma). The iTunes dialog appears.
2. Click the Devices tab.
3. If you want to disable the sync alerts altogether, deselect the Warn When check box. Otherwise, leave that check box selected and move to Step 4.
4. Use the Warn When Percent of the Data on the Computer will be Changed list to set the alert threshold. You can pick the percentage you want to be alerted.
5. Click OK to put the new settings into effect.

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