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Trism is the Tetris of the mobile age. If you have played this game of the iPhone, you will love it on the iPad. For those not familiar with one of the most popular iPhone games of all time, the concept is very simple. The goal is to line up right triangles along three axes and are given a screen of equilateral triangles in different colors. The triangles are moved along their sides diagonally to the left or to the right in addition to up or down.

Game Levels

Infinism – This level of game play is not timed allowing you as much time as needed to complete the game.
Terminism – This level of game play allows you a certain amount of time to complete the tasks. In addition challenges are included.
Syllogism – The goal of this level is to slide the pieces together in the least amount of moves. It’s kind of like golf where you have to hit the ball in the least number of strokes. What’s great about this level is there is a global leader board that allows you to compare yourself to the best Trism players in the World.

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