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Product Review: Multi-Angle Adjustable Tablet Stand by Lamicall

After looking for a quality tablet stand for my iPad Pro and Samsung S7, I’ve been in search for something that could support that size and height of the tablet when I wanted to read eBooks. I also wanted it to be sturdy, have the right support to hold it so it wouldn’t fall over. I would say Lamicall’s Tablet stand meets a majority of it.

The stand is coated with a metallic black with two knobs to hold the device so it doesn’t fall forward when adjusting it. To adjust, it’s as simple as applying slight pressure at the top or bottom of your tablet. It will rotate the hinge of the stand so you can find any viewing angle depending on how you are looking at your device. It’s very easy to rotate to portrait or landscape by just picking up and grabbing the device, except while your charging cord is attached. 

One thing that’s nice is that it’s propped up so it’s great if you want a slightly higher height when looking at your device. 

There are pads on the stand where your tablet will rest. This will prevent it from scratching, and I haven’t yet seen issues. 

One things to note that I don’t like as much is that the logo of Lamicall is right up front so if you want a really sleek look without it, you’ll be forced to see it. I’d rather have them hide their logo on bottom, but I understand that they want to brand their product. I suppose any user can place a sticker over it so solve the problem.

Another thing to look out for is the charging cord will sometimes slip through the hole in the stand, if you are a person that wanted it to stay in place. 

Regardless of these little details, this is probably the more functional tablet stands and it looks great overall. 

Here’s an Amazon link for it if interested in getting it: Tablet Stand Multi-Angle, Lamicall Tablet Holder: Desktop Adjustable Dock Cradle Compatible with Tablets Such As iPad Air Mini Pro, Phone 12 Pro 11 Mini XS Max XR X 6 7 8 Plus (4 -13 inch) – Black

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