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Virtual Art Collection: Art Authority for iPad

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September 1, 2011


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Virtual Art Collection: Art Authority for iPad

Art Authority for iPad brings a whole way of making a virtual art museum. This application is for art enthusiasts and people that take interest in it, although anyone can thoroughly enjoy using this app.  Art Authority turns your iPad into a museum like no other. It allows you to view over 1000 artists and over 50,000 art pieces. This is the only art app that contains a collection this big.

The setup of this app is an impressive virtual experience allowing you to browse are rooms such Early, Renaissance, Romantic, Impressionist, Modern, and Contemporary to name a few. Each room is different and is themed towards the type of art era you are looking at. Art Authority for the iPad creates a great realistic experience.

Searching artwork has several options that allow you to search specific rooms or search by artist, title, subject, and location.

Paintings that you enjoy can be saved to your pictures folder on your iPad. The application usually needs internet connection to view this app, but the art you previously viewed can be viewed offline.

Art Authority is in high definition so you can zoom in to the art like paintings and see the details it has. This app uses the large multi-touch display which is once again an app that fully uses the iPad’s full HD capabilities.

The price for the app is $9.99 on the app store, but the level of artwork along with the quantity of art available makes this app well worth the price.


  • Over 10 gigabytes of high quality art
  • Early, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, Impressionist, Modern, Contemporary, and American rooms
  • Many Artists listed by movement in every room
  • Ability to search over 1000+ artists
  • Detailed information of each art piece through captions (title, date, location, etc)
  • Multi-touch browsing, one tap reveals information
  • Full screen slideshow display with animated transitions
  • Thumbnail gallery to show a large collection on the iPad
  • Ability to save art on the Photo folder/app
  • Importing to a digital picture frame.

You can get the app here:

Art Authority for iPad


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