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View Flash Websites with Skyfire app for iPad

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April 17, 2011


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View Flash Websites with Skyfire app for iPad

Skyfire Web Browser for iPad


Although we have heard about this app, we really wanted to see what this app can do. The Skyfire app by Skyfire Labs. Inc. allows you to view flash content on the internet using their browser. It is available for the iPad. The Skyfire app is a browser similar to safari but you can enable your device to read flash content. It does not allow you to navigate through a full flash website like Sony, but it allows you to view movies and clips like watching Top Gear videos from their website. Being very popular for the iPhone, Skyfire decided to create a flash experience available for the iPad and optimizing on a few key features:

  • Flash Video allows you to play flash videos around the internet in your iPad, iPhone or mobile device.
  • Facebook integration allowing you to interact with your friends utilizing the full facebook environment performing tasks like accessing your news feed, friends, checking your inbox through the browser in a quick and easy window.
  • Twitter integration allows you to easily tweet and follow without leaving the browser.
  • Fireplace is a more focused Facebook basically allowing you to view links and content shared by your friends. It allows you to view shared interested with people over social feeds.

This browser is a tab based browsing system allowing you to quickly flow through your content. Another cool feature is the sharing and like button functionality creating a unique browser to complement the social media environment.

For iPhone and iTouch owners, Skyfire labs has also made it compatible for these devices. You can buy this app in the iTunes App store or using the link below:
Skyfire Web Browser

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