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The iPad 2: What will it have?

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January 19, 2011


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The iPad 2: What will it have?

With rumors about the iPad 2 confirmed, here is what you should expect to see from the new iPad.

It will have five new features:

  • A lighter body, screenshots of the iPad shell have been circulating across the web.
  • USB ports for transferring files: the iPad adapter we have will no longer be needed!
  • New screen display will have better resolution and clarity similar to the iPhone 4
  • Video calling will allow users to see each other through available apps including Facetime. The new iPad will include a front and back camera.
  • 3-axis gyroscopes, this feature will allow thousands of potential apps develop and hit a wider demographic. You can expect to have hundreds of more app reviews from My App World!

Last but not least, since the announcement of Verizon Wireless receiving the iPhone 4 deal with Apple, Verizon will also get the iPad. Verizon CFO, Francis Shammo, stated that Verizon will eventually receive the iPad with an embedded chip to run on Verizon’s “Can you hear me now? Yes!” network. The data plan’s price will be roughly $20 per month. It is still unknown when Verizon will get the iPad. We are hoping this will be taking place when the iPad 2 is released. Let’s hope!

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