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Photo Editing on the iPad: FX Photo Studio HD

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August 31, 2011


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Photo Editing on the iPad: FX Photo Studio HD

Using the iPad 2 is much different from the original iPad one besides a faster processor and slimer design, it has a front facing and back camera. With the launch of this new feature, there has been some pretty amazing apps that have come out. My top choice is FX Photo Studio HD for great photo editing software. This app can also be used for the original iPad, iPod touch, and iPhones, but on the iPad 2, you have full access to all of its wonderful capabilites. It is available at the app store for $2.99.

To start, opening the FX Photo Studio HD, it provides you, the user, with  three options:

  • To take a photo
  • Open a photo from the Photo Albums on your devide
  • Or you can open a photo from a document.

Once you have a photo selected, you can begin using the full features of the app. Keep in mind that this is easy and really fun to use because of the 1 tap editing. Everything in the app can be accessed and accomplish with a couple taps.

There are 187 high quality effects and filters to use. Each with variety of effects that  can be adjusted through a meter below the picture and controls the contrast, brightness, and exposure. Some effects are pencil sketches, brush strokes, and sephia. You will have to browse through all of them because there are so many great effects, it would be hard to cover it all here.

Another key feature are  effects can be marked as a favorite by tapping the star. Effects are also organized in categories so you can search for specific types of effects. There are 59 extra effects that have a small in-app fee ($)  like picture frames, but the initial 187 effects are free.  You may be wondering if you are able to use multiple effects. You are! Once your effects are applied to the photo, you have the option to add multiple effects on top to produce one interesting photo.

There is also a tool that allows you to crop, rotate, and resize images. Unlike most other apps I have encountered, this app stands out because the quality of croping stays the same even after cropping.

My favorite and very handy feature is being able to remind yourself what the original picture looks like by the tap of a button.

Finishing up with your photo editing is simple. You have the option of saving your edited photo in the photo album, documents, or the clipboard. Printing is also available of the photo through a wireless printer connection. Social sharing is allowd through flickr, tumblr, facebook, twitter, and also email.

Overall, this is a great photo editing app for the iOS device and especially for the iPad 2.

You can buy this app here:
FX Photo Studio HD

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