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Navigating through different views in the Calendar iPad app

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January 17, 2012


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Navigating through different views in the Calendar iPad app

The Calendar app for the iPad allows you to choose different ways to view your calendars by tapping the menu shown above at the top of the app. You can select between Day, Week, Month, Year, and List.


Provides you with a split page. The left side shows a list of events you have for the day. The right side shows you your events listed by time.  The date is highlighted on a mini monthly calendar. Swiping left and right reveals different days. Swipe left and you should see the day after, swipe right and you should see the day before.


Provides you with a table displaying events of your current week. The top row displays the day of the week, Sunday through Saturday. The left column shows the time of day. Swiping left and right reveals different weeks in consecutive order.


Provides you with the current monthly calendar with today’s date labeled “Today” highlighted usually by a blue bar. Within the calendar, it lists events and things you have planned for your current month. Swiping left and right across your iPad reveals other monthly calendars.


Provides you with the yearly Calendar divided a grid displaying the 12 months. Your events occurring within that year are highlighted in different colors. Again, swiping left and right switch between different yearly calendars.


Provides you with a split page. The left side displays a list of events  you have planned. Here the primary focus is your events  rather than the day, week, month, or year.  Scrolling up and down reveal more events and you will notice it may change in months, years, and days.  The right side shows detailed information of the specific event selected.

 How to see the details of an event

The following instructions are how to view the details of an event:
1) Tab on the desired event
2) Tab on any information about the event to get more details:
If you tap on titled information, more details will appear in a pop up box
If you tap on an address for a location, it will open Maps

How to view Birthdays in a calendar

The following shows you how to show birthdays of people in your contacts on your calendar:
1) Begin by tapping Calendars
2) Under the Other in the pop up menu, tap on Birthdays
3) A check-mark will appear next to Birthdays if selected
4) You’re done! This will now include birthdays with your events.

How to select specific Calendars to view

The following instructions show you how to view single calendars or multiple calendars:
1) Start by tapping Calendars, a pop up menu should pop up.
2) Tap on any calendars you have in the menu
3) A check-mark will appear next to visible Calendars. You’re done.

The events in each of your calendars you selected in the menu will now appear in a single Calendar on your iPad.

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