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Monument Valley by Ustwo – Game Review

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December 31, 2015


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Monument Valley by Ustwo – Game Review

Probably the most beautiful game we’ve ever encounter where it almost feels like a digital piece of art.

Monument Valley is an isometric style puzzle game full of twisting and turns. The game environment contains hidden paths are uncovered and optical illusions will be revealed as more of the world is opened up in front of you. This game is bright and colorful, with a beautiful soundtrack and intuitive touch controls, all of which work together to keep you immersed in the experience.

As Princess Ida, your objective is to navigate through the impossible-looking monuments and solve navigational puzzles along the way. The monuments are pretty straightforward, and each one will introduce either a new play mechanic or offer an interesting twist.

The puzzles are pretty simple at first, like twisting a crank, and become more complex as you progress. For example, later in the game you’ll have to twist the monument to uncover hidden paths, or navigate from a different perspective.

From the creators, UsTwo:

If you are like us and really enjoy reading about how this game was created; read UsTwo’s article on their process for designing and developing this masterpiece:

Here’s a game review video to look over:

Example Game Images: 


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