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Magic Piano app for iPad

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February 7, 2011


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Magic Piano app for iPad

Magic Piano is a fun app for those musically inclined. Of course the iPad will never replace the feel — or capability — of a piano but if you want a playful app that does more than just playback a recording, this might be for you.

Magic Piano features 4 keyboards. The keyboards are a straight line, a circle, invisible and a spiral. The iPad is incapable of fitting an entire keyboard and is limited to sensing 10 separate finger touches at once. Because of this you have a piano like capability but nowhere near the abilities.  On the straight line keyboard can be really used to play music.  With this program you can’t really play the Moonlight Sonata or any of Chopin’s classics their full glory, but you could do basic songs reasonably well.

The Magic Piano App is more for playing around than putting on a concert. There is a “Songbook” option where you can download songs from a moderately sized offering.  The keys lights up and you can play along as a duet or go solo with the App.

Sample Song Selection from Magic Piano’s Songlist:
• Fur Elise
• Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
• Happy Birthday
• Moonlight Sonata
• Turkish March
• Flight of the Bumblebee
• Prelude No. 1 in C Major
• Final Fantasy Prelude
• The Entertainer
• Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
• Clair De Lune
• Amazing Grace
• Chopin Minute Waltz
• Nutcracker March
• Chopsticks

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