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Instapaper app for iPad and iPhone

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March 7, 2011


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Instapaper app for iPad and iPhone


Instapaper is the creation of developer Marco Arment.  With Instapaper you can read your favorite webpages offline. The iPad app allows you to save websites and webpages for later reading. One of the major benefits of using Instapaper over other apps of the same variety is Instapaper’s integration with other apps. Because Instapaper has become the top most acclaimed app in its category, over 135 other iOS apps support Instapaper. Instapaper does more than just save webpage for future reading. It does it very smoothly and smartly. To optimize for iPad or iPhone screen dimensions, Instapaper removes most of the ads and unnecessary content. Instapaper also allows you to customize the font and the type size of your saved web pages.


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