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How to use Twitter on the iPad

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March 25, 2011


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How to use Twitter on the iPad

The official twitter iPad app is very unique within the iPad and especially the iPad 2. The twitter app is intuitive to the feel of this post-PC device built for swiping and turning the device in any position. Designed to function and perform tasks easily, the Twitter App for iPad provides and allows you to easily view your timeline, mentions, messages, and profile which are displayed all in one list to the left of the screen.

Like the most Twitter apps and websites, you are allowed to browse interests, find and follow friends, tweet, re-tweet, direct message other followers in a private setting, and allow real-time search, maps, trends, and of course, FOLLOW new people.

Special and specific for the iPad 2 and the iPhone, the Twitter app allows photo and video capture support. So tweeting your pictures and videos are very easy.

Don’t forget, this application is entirely FREE for the iPad and all other devices.

Below is an extensive how to instructions on specific features within the Twitter App for iPad.

How to get Updates:

Updates are very easy; you will notice a blue dot next to the left navigation of the twitter app. That blue dot tells you when there is something new to see within your twitter account.

How do I change my Settings (Add an account, Remove your account, Notification settings):

The settings section in the application allows you to removing your account, adding multiple twitter accounts, access advanced settings, and view  their about ( allow you to see version numbers, view legal, privacy policies, and terms of use).

You can designate notification for each twitter account you have on your iPad device by going to Notifications. The notifications section allows you to turn on messages, mentions & replies and adjust who you receive it from (From People You Follow, or From Anyone)

The Advanced Section allows you to set Image Quality from (Low, Medium, High), and which Image Service, Video Service, and Read Later functions. It also lets you turn on/off the Ignore Local Trends, and Sound Effects.

How do I view my Timeline, Mentions, Messages

The timeline is simple. Once selected, it can be viewed in the center of the app. Each post is separated with username, tweet, and how long ago the tweet occurred. Clicking on a TwitPic url tweens the timeline to the left to reveal the picture on the right side. Also on the timeline, clicking people you replied to in twitter reveals the conversations when accessed, the mentions @username shows their profile revealed on the right side and which all can be retweeted, mailed, and/or stored as a favorite.

Viewing your Mentions and also your Messages directly can be accessed on the left navigation too.

How do I email, translate, copy links select favorites

To email tweets, copy links to tweets, translate, bookmark as a favorite, and retweet; these features can be accessed on the top right of the screen displayed as icons. Tweeted URLs can be seen in the Twitter application than in the iPad internet browser.

How do I Search and view current Trends, Top Tweets

Searching is on the left navigation as well. When selected, it will displayed in the center with a search bar at the top and display all the trends and tweets below.

To see current trends, click Search and you will see a Trending Now list and the Top Tweets.


Hopefully, this article gives a little insight on how to use Twitter within the iPad. Don’t forget to follow us @myappworld for instant tweets on new and interesting articles.

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