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How to use the different Syncing Methods on your iPad and iTunes

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March 16, 2011


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How to use the different Syncing Methods on your iPad and iTunes



By default your iPad automatically syncs with your computer when you plug it in. To auto sync follow these steps:


1)       Open iTunes on your computer.

2)       Plug the USB cable into your Mac or PC

3)       Plug the other end of the USB cable to your iPad. Your iPad will not begin to sync with your Mac or PC computer.

4)       Right click and select eject when the syncing is done.


Manually Sync to Your iPad

You can opt out of auto syncing and choose to manually sync your iPad.


Manual Sync Method #1

1)      Click your iPad’s icon in the Resource List. This is located on the left hand panel of your iTunes Windows. By clicking on the icon your should see the right panel change with different syncing preferences for various categories

2)      To sync your iTunes library with your iPad, click the “Music” tab. Then check the “Sync Music” Checkbox.

3)      Click the button next to the “Selected playlists, artist, and genres” and check and uncheck items you wish to sync with your iPad.

4)      Click “Apply”

5)      Repeat this process for the other categories.


Manual Sync Method #2

1)      Uncheck items in the iTunes library you do not want on the iPad. This removes the checkmark.

2)      Click the iPad icon under Devices in the left hand panel.

3)      Click the Summary tab

4)      Check the checkbox next to “Sync only checked songs and videos” and then click the “Sync” Button.  You will find this checkbox at the very bottom of the summary screen.


Manual Sync Method #3


You can also click the Summary tab and turn on “Manually manage music and videos.” With this method you click and unclick the songs, albums, and videos you want and drag them to the iPad icon in the iTunes Source pane.



Sync Video

iTunes categorizes videos into two categories: TV Shows and Movies. Each will have its own tab in iTunes. If you watch a lot of moves you will be managing videos a lot due to the huge file sizes.  You can manually control what movies are added and removed on your iPad with the methods listed above. However, a simple way to manage movies is to set your iPad to remove videos on your iPad that you have watched. iTunes gives you the option to load unwatched videos, selected videos, or all videos. If you choose unwatched videos iTunes will automatically remove any video you have watched on your iPad and upload new videos you downloaded and have not watched.



Sync Photos

You can turn your iPad into a picture frame. To make adjustments to which photos you want to store on your iPad, click the photo tab in iTunes and select the albums and directories you want.



Sync Podcasts

iTunes has a special category for Podcasts, which can be either video or movies. You can select the Podcast tab to sync your Podcasts. The options are similar to syncing videos mentioned above. One unique feature of iTunes is you can subscribe to Podcasts. When you subscribe to a Podcast in the iTunes store, iTunes will search for updates from that particular iPod producer when select “update.”

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