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How to use iMessage on your iPad

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How to use iMessage on your iPad

iMessage allows you to send unlimited text message with your iPad or iPad 2 to any iOS 5 devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. iMessage is like Blackberry’s BBM system where the text messages are sent via 3G or WIFI, allowing you to avoid the high text messaging costs of the cell carriers. iMessage expands a bit on the BBM system as it allows you to send photos, videos, locations, and contacts to any Apple device running iOS 5.

For iPhone users, the traditional text message is colored green in the iPhone’s Messages App, but with iMessage in iOS 5, it is seamlessly integrated together. I know what you are thinking…if they are integrated together, how can we tell the difference between iMessage and regular text messages? Text messaging within the iPhone stays green, but messages are colored blue when using iMessage to another iOS 5 user.





Some of the features Blackberry’s BBM had are now married into iMessage. Users are able to see that there message has been delivere, if it has been read, or if they are currently writing a message. iMessage is a completely a data app. So messages sent through iMessage do not take up texts from your carrier text messaging plan.

How to send an iMessage App:
1) Tap the “iMessage” app on your homescreen.
2) Tap the compose Message icon in the message column to create a new message.
3) In the “To: ” field enter your contacts you wish to message. iMessage allows you to send messages to multiple contacts.
4) Enter the text message in the blank field above the keyboard.
5) You can add a photo by tapping the photo icon.
6) Press “send” on the lower right hand corner, just above the keyboard.

How to Receive iMessages:
By default iMessage sends messages to the Apple ID you choose. You can setup iMessage add other e-mail accounts.
1)Tap “Home”
2)Tap “Settings” to go to the settings screen.
3) Tap “Messages” on the left hand pane.
4) Tap the “Receive At” tab.
5) Tap the “Add Another E-mail” tab.
6) Enter an additional email in the new e-mail field.

How do I turn off iMessage:
iOS 5 gives you the option of turning off the iMessage service.
1) Tap “Home”
2) Tap “Settings” to go to the setting screen
3) Tap “Messages” on the left hand pane.
4) Switch the lever to “Off” in “iMessage” Tab

I don’t want people to know that I’ve read their message.  How do I turn it off, but keep iMessage on?
iOS 5 allows you to customize all the features in iMessage including turning off features that “allow others to be notified when you have read their messages”.
1) Tap “Home”
2) Tap “Settings” to go to the setting screen
3) Tap “Messages” on the left hand pane.
4) Switch the lever to “Off” in “Send Read Receipts” Tab
5) You are finished and other people will not know if you have read their messages.

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