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How to Turn Normal Photos into 3-D Photos with OutColor for iPad

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September 9, 2011


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How to Turn Normal Photos into 3-D Photos with OutColor for iPad

OutColor for iPad is a photo editing app that allows you turn regular photographs into 3-D photos.  As a normal photo editor, the app is quite limited due to the nature of the iOS platform. However, we cannot find an iPad App that allows a user to create 3-D pictures so easily. OutColor allows you to take a conventional 2-D photograph and render that into a 3-D image by simply by touching and moving your fingers on your  iPhone or iPad Screen. Amazing!

OutColor allows you to modify any aspect of the image composition. The App allows the end user has full control to edit backgrounds, frames, foregrounds, and shadows. For novice users, Outcolor does have automatics settings that can render 3D framing and create life like shadow’s based on the existing picture, without having to manually input and adjust the technical settings. iPad user’s will also love the ability to select objects in the foreground with the ability to edit, delete, invert, etc with normal gestures.  If you make a mistake, or wish to create multiple 3-D images of the same 2-D image, OutColor allows you to create and save mulitple sessions.

The industry name for these 3-D type of photos is called Out of Bounds, or OOB for short. OOB photos are processed photos where you take the contents of the photos (called objects) out of the normal 2-D framework in a creative and skillful manner. OOB photos can be done in most high end photo editors with a skill, knowledge, and creativity. If you have Photoshop or iPhoto on your computer, with a lot of practice you can create some amazing 3-D photos. For the rest of us who are lacking in time and innate visual creatity, OutColor more than suffices.

The key to a great OOB photo starts with taking a great photo.  You need to capture just the right photo angle for 3-D images. If you are brand new to creating 3-D images we suggest taking dozens of pictures at different angles of a single picture, or object. This allows you to experiment and learn because is no “perfect camera angle,” such as 17 degrees. The ideal camera angle is largely dependent on what you are trying to do with the 3-D photo. Playing around with one photo to start off begins the process of internalizing the lessons of camera angles with picture taking.

Editing with OutColor

First upload a photo into OutColor.

Default Frame

Move the default frame over your photo as you wish. The default Frame can be resized, expanded, increased, etc. The Frame’s Properties can be changed as well as the background color. The frame is just not a square box as you can change the line angles.

Using the Built in Tools

Once you have set your default frame over the area, or object, of the photo you wish to manipulate; you may use any of the  built- in tools. Just remember you can edit the outside of the frame as well as the area within the frame. The common editing functions are Zoom/Pan, Image Brush, Color Brush, and Erase. You can change the brush/eraser settings such as the size of the brush, softness, opacity, etc.

Zooming In/Out

Pinch your fingers and thumb to Zoom/Pan into a photo. With OutColor and most other photo editing software, you will do this quite often to clean up images.

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