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How to Troubleshoot Games on your iPad

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March 12, 2011


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How to Troubleshoot Games on your iPad

Every game has its own support procedures. If you are having trouble with a game you downloaded onto your iPad, you can contact customer support for that particular game. Most developers have a blog or a forum where you can discover any common bugs or glitches. Many developers issue quick fixes for glitches and bugs.


However there are some problems that do crop up that you can fix yourself.  Here are three steps you can try in addition to contacting customer support.

1)      Try shutting down and restarting your iPad.

2)      Go to the App store and check to see if there are any updates.

3)      Reinstall the game. Many times problems occur to a bad download or install of an iPad app. If a game crashes on you can uninstall by pressing down on the game app’s home screen icon. When it begins to wiggle press the black and white “x” on the upper left hand corner. A confirmation box asking you to delete the app will appear. Press “Yes.” The game is now deleted from your iPad. To reinstall go to the App Store and download your game exactly how you did it the first time. Do not worry about having to paying for the game again as Apple remembers you already have purchased it.


If reinstalling the game does not work do not try to contact Apple for a third party app. Apple just provides a platform through the ITunes and App Store to bring developers and people like you together. They do not offer support for third party apps such as iPad Games. If you are having trouble finding the support website for a developer, you can find the support page for an app in the App Store. Just visit the app in the App Store where you purchased it and tap on support.

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