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How to Troubleshoot AirPlay

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December 31, 2011


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How to Troubleshoot AirPlay

AirPlay is Apple’s answer to DLNA. If you have an AirPlay compatible device that does not appear in your AirPlay menu, try these handy trouble shooting tips.

1. Does your AirPlay compatible device have the most updated software or firmware? For example, Apple devices that do not run iOS 4.2 are not AirPlay compatible.

2. Check that all your AirPlay devices are receiving a wireless signal.

3. Check your wireless network. Are all your devices logged in with the same Wi-Fi network? Try checking the wireless SSID/names on all your AirPlay devices.

4. Make sure your individual AirPlay device is enabled (i.e. turned on). Checking the settings function for each device.

5. Perhaps your firewall or anti-virus software is disabling AirPlay. Try disabling local and network firewalls and security software briefly. Should AirPlay work with your firewall and security setting downs, you now set the permissions in your security software or firewall to allow AirPlay to operate. In extreme cases, you might have to update or even replaced your existing software suite.

6. Ensure that other devices are not trying to stream to the same AirPlay-enabled device at the same time. A common problem is your Bluetooth is being used to stream data by your iOS device. You can try to disable Bluetooth by touching Settings > General > Bluetooth.

7. If attempting to use AirPlay from a third-party app or a website from your Safari app on your iOS device, confirm that the app or website is AirPlay compatible (refer to the developers of the app or website for additional information).

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