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How to Transfer Content to your Kindle Fire

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December 30, 2011


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How to Transfer Content to your Kindle Fire

With a micro USB cable, you can transfer files such as pdfs, documents, videos, pictures, music, and more from your computer to your Kindle Fire. Sadly, Amazon decided to cut a few corners and did not include a micro-USB with your Kindle fire purchase.  The good news is that Amazon decided to use the industry standard micro-USB format, instead of creating their own interface like Apple. What this means is if you own a non-Apple cell phone, chances are have a micro-USB cable in your possession.

Follow these simple steps to transfer content:

1.  With a micro USB cable, connect your Kindle Fire to your computer.
2.  You must now unlock your Kindle. Slide the arrow from right to left on the screen.
3.  Go to your computer and open the Kindle Fire drive. Your Kindle appears as “external storage drive” similar to a USB flash drive or external hard drive.
4.  You are now able to transfer file to and from your computer and Kindle Fire. Simply drag and drop whatever your heart’s desire.
5. After you are finished you must disconnect your device by tapping the “Disconnect button.” This can be found at the bottom of the Kindle Device. Next, eject the drive on your computer.
6.  Disconnect the Kindle Fire your computer by unplugging to the USB cable.

One last thing to remember is the files you transfer to your Kindle Fire from your computer are only stored locally, and not automatically synced with Amazon cloud.  Also, you cannot use the Kindle Fire while it’s connected to your Computer.

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