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How to Sync Your iPad with iTunes wirelessly over your WI-FI network.

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October 22, 2011


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How to Sync Your iPad with iTunes wirelessly over your WI-FI network.

The recent release of iOS 5.0 allows you to sync your iPad over your home wireless (WIFI) network. To enable wireless syncing you must have at a minimum iTunes version 10.5 installed on your computer as well as have iOS 5 installed on your iPad. Additionally, we assume you have synced your iPad with iTunes with a cable as least once on the computer you are trying to sync wirelessly.
You can go here for instructions on updating your Apple Device to iOS 5.

Initial Setup (This step is only done once on each computer you wish to sync with):
1) Connect your iPad with your Computer.
2) Open iTunes on your Computer
3) On the Summary Page of your iPad in iTunes. Scroll down and check off “Sync Over Wi-Fi Connection.”
4) Disconnect the cable and restart iTunes.
Your iPad should now appear on your iTunes list of Devices even when it’ss disconnected from the cable.

To sync your iPad with iTunes over WIFI, follow these steps each time on your iPad:
1) Tap the “Home” button to go your home screen.
2) Tap “Settings” to go to the settings screen.
3) Tap “General” to open General screen.
4) Tap “iTunes Wi-Fi” Sync. (You will find this on the right hand pane of the General Screen.)
5) Tap “Sync Now” to begin the wireless sync.

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