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How to Sign Up for an iTunes Account without a Credit Card

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February 21, 2011


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How to Sign Up for an iTunes Account without a Credit Card

You need a credit or debit card to be able to purchase any items in the App Store. In fact you cannot sign up for an iTunes account without having a credit card.  However, if you plan on just downloaded free apps from the App Store, there is a work around without divulging a credit card number. The restrictions are you can only get free apps and you have to be in the App Store

1)      Open iTunes on your computer and click the App Store Link.

2)      Find a free iPad app you want to download and click the “Free App” button.

3)      A pop up box will appear asking for your login and password. Instead of filling that information in, first click the “Create a New Account” button.

4)      Proceed with the new account instructions. Click Agree/Accept to the Terms and Conditions as well as create your new username, password, etc.

5)      A payment options screen will appear, click “none.”

6)      Apple will now ask for more information such as your email address and name. After typing that information click the link to verify your account.

7)      Log into the email account you provided. To verify your account and that you have a valid email address, Apple sends you a verification email. Once received, click the link to verify your account.

8)      You may now log into the App store and download free iPad Apps.

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