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How to Setup Notifications on your iPad

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October 25, 2011


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How to Setup Notifications on your iPad

iOS 5 incorporates a feature that combines all your message notifications in a drop down screen on top of your iOS 5 Device. You can choose from text, email, stock notifications, and more.

Follow the steps below to setup notifications for your favorite app:

1) Tap the “Home” button

2) Tap “Settings” to open the Settings screen

3) Tap “Notifications” on the left hand pane

4) In the Notifications screen, select an app you want to be included in the notification shade or on the lock screen.

5) Tap “Show” to change the number of recent items shown.

6) Swipe right on a specific notification from the lock screen to launch that application. As seen below, it will bring you directly to the application for quick response.

Notifications brings a whole new level of user experience for iOS users.  It will surely be a much cleaner way of notifying the user while in another application.

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