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How to Setup and Sync iCloud on your iPad

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October 23, 2011


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How to Setup and Sync iCloud on your iPad

The idea behind iCloud is to allow Apple users to store their files safely on Apple’s servers allowing for instantaneous backup and syncing across all your devices. For those with a iOS 5 installed on there apple devices, Apple allows you 5GB of free storage space. This can be used to upload your music, photos, documents, and more! Those who want more storage space can upgrade to 10GB for $20 a year, and 50GB for $100 a year.

To use iCloud on your iPad follow these simple steps:

1) Tap your “Home” button if you are currently using another app
2) Tap “Settings” to go to your Settings screen.
3) Select iCloud
4) Tap on the type of contents you want to upload to iCloud. (i.e. Calendars, Contact, Mail, Reminders).
5) Your iPad will not give you instruction prompts. Simply follow the prompt in Mail and Notes to create an iCloud mail account.
6) If you wish to purchase additional storage, you can tap “Storage & Backup” tab to purchase additional storage by choosing an upgrade plan.
7) Your contents will now be synced accross your devices as long as you have IOS 5 installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can also use iCloud on your laptop by going to

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