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How to Set Up Home Sharing with iTunes and your iPad

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January 20, 2012


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How to Set Up Home Sharing with iTunes and your iPad

Apple created Home Sharing to allow their customers to transfer content between multiple iTunes libraries on your home network. Additionally Home Sharing allows you to share and stream those libraries to a 2nd generation Apple TV and your iPad or other iOS Device.

If you are looking to set up a Home Sharing network, you will need to have 1) Latest iTunes, 2) and Apple ID, and 3) a home Ethernet or Wi-Fi internet network.

If you have the requirements listed above, follow these steps to set up your Home Sharing Network:

1. Launch iTunes on your home computer
2. Click on the “Home Sharing” icon. You will find this on the left hand pane in iTunes under your list of Devices.
3. If you do not see the Home Sharing icon, you will have to activate it on iTunes. On your menu bar select “Advanced.” Then click on “Turn on Home Sharing”
4. This is not a necessary step, but if you want to avoid duplicate files change “All Items” to “Items not in my library” in the “Show” drop down menu.

Other Notes & Known Limitations:
• When you enable Home Sharing, the Home icon representing your computer disappears.
• Additionally, you fill find the Settings and Import button missing if you are trying to share music. Music Sharing operates differently and will be the subject of another article.
• Home Sharing will transfer the media file and the ID3 tag, but custom iTunes metadata such as ratings and play history are not transferred.
• Apple recommends you manually transfer files if your iTunes libraries have a lot of identical files.
• There is a Show Duplicates function in iTunes to help you eliminate duplicate faster.

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