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How to Restore iPad’s Operating System (iOS) and Software

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April 16, 2011


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How to Restore iPad’s Operating System (iOS) and Software

Restoring your operation system – Apple call it’s the iOS – is equivalent to reformatting your hard drive on a MAC and PC and executing a factory restore. Restoring the iOS is not the same as updating it. An iOS restoration involves erasing everything on the iPad’s flash drive and installing a fresh operating system. None of your files, settings, and apps will be retained. Executing an iOS restoration will require you to save all your files and apps on iTunes. Fortunately Apple makes this process much simpler with iTunes. If you are looking to take such drastic measures to fix an issue on the iPad, follow these steps:

Restoration Steps:

1) Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPad with the USB cable.
2) Click your iPad’s icon in the source list. This is located on the left hand panel of iTunes.
3) In the summary area located in the right hand panel, click the Restore button.
4) iTunes will ask you if you want to backup the iPad’s setting before doing a restoration. Since you are looking to executive a clean restoration, Click “Do Not Backup.”
5) A warning message will now appear. Click “Restore” again if you want to continue.
6) MAC users will now get a prompt asking for the administrator password.
7) iTunes will now begin restoring your iPad’s operating system.

When iTunes has finished erasing and restoring the iOS, the setup assistant will ask you to enter your iPad’s name and settings. Your iPad will now be in factory form and it’s now up to you want you what apps, songs, and files you want to upload onto your iPad. Please be aware that you do not need to repurchase apps and music that you already bought previously. iTunes should have saved all purchased music and apps. If for some reason you are missing purchased apps, music, and video on iTunes; you can login to your iTunes Store account and download purchased items again.

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  • Stacy

    my ipad was jailbroken…..the restore was executed without pad attached to computer with usb cable.  Now when IPAD is turned on all you see the black screen with small apple symbol in center of screen.  It will not get off this screen.  What does this mean and how do I get past this screen and return ipad to factory settings?