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How to Play Multiplayer Games

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March 10, 2011


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How to Play Multiplayer Games

To play an iPad game after you installed it; just tap the game icon on your iPad’s home screen. If you are new to this game and unfamiliar with the rules, most iPad games have a button in the opening screen with directions. This is often called “Info” or “How to Play.” Most popular games have a forum or website created by the developer or loyal fans providing tips, cheats, and directions on to play your game.


Many games allow for multiple players. You can play with someone on another iPad through Bluetooth or your wireless connections. Depending on your game, you will have to configure your Bluetooth settings or play over an internet connection. If you are playing with a friend over a Bluetooth connection, first make sure your Bluetooth connection is turned on both your iPads. The next step is to discover each person’s device. Have your friend make their iPad discoverable. Next you need to go to your iPad’s Bluetooth settings in your Settings panel. To do this on your go to your iPad’s homescreen, tap “Settings,” then tap “General,” and tap “Bluetooth” on the right hand panel. Look for your friend’s iPad and tap on it. Now pair the two devices.


Multiplayer games connected by an internet connection have their own protocols. Each game will have directions posted normally in the “Help” or “How to Play” sections.


You can find multiplayer games on your iPad by visiting the iPad store. Simply type “multiplayer” in the search bar.

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