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How to Optimize battery life on your Android Tablet

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September 4, 2011


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How to Optimize battery life on your Android Tablet

Tips on extending your battery’s life:

Most Android tablets have either a lithium-ion or a lithium-polymer battery. To maximize the battery’s life; that is, the number of times you can charge or discharge the battery follow these simple tips.

1)      Discharge the battery fully, and recharge to 100% once a month.

2)      Never recharge the battery when it’s above 90%.  You do not have to wait to your battery is near empty, or less than 20% to recharge your Android tablet, but charging your device when its near capacity denatures the charge capacity of the battery much quicker.

3)      Keep your battery away from high temperatures as much as possible. The ideal operating temperature for most electronic devices powered by lithium batteries is 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

4)      Take your Android tablet out of its case when charging the device. Many times when you recharge your Android Tablet you will feel the battery will heat up. When recharging your tablet you should take it out of the case to disperse this heat.

Tips on how to extend your battery usage:

Screen Brightness – Adjust the screen brightness. Your Android Tablet screen is the number one consumer in battery power, reducing it even 10-20% can add an extra hour or two of battery life.  We recommend keeping screen brightness around 50% when indoors.

Airplane Mode – Switch to Airplane mode if you will be offline for a while.

Wireless Network – Using a Wi-Fi network is one of the major consumers of battery power, urn off Wi-Fi if you are not using it.

Bluetooth – Your Android Tablet’s Bluetooth antenna consumes much less power than your wireless or 3G connections, but turning off your Bluetooth receiver does noticeably extend your tablet’s battery life.

Global Positioning System – Turn off GPS when not in use.

Syncing/Push Notifications – Turn off automatic syncing, or increase the time between syncs for Gmail, Calendar, and other Android Apps.

Android Apps:

One of the biggest things you can do to extend your Android battery life is to monitor which apps are consuming the most power. If you not need that particular app, we recommend disabling it. Many apps such as Skype and Telenav, load up each time you start, or restart, your Android device running in the background.  Android has a built in system tool that allows you to monitor your battery usage for a given app, or system hardware.

How to manage Android Hardware & App usage:

1)      Tap the “Settings” App

2)      Tap “About Tablet,” then “Status”

3)      You will now see the battery status (i.e. charging/discharging) and battery level.

4)      The battery use screen tells you which app consumes the most battery power from greatest to lease power usage.

5)      Within this screen you can touch an app to see details of the app’s power consumption. Certain apps provide more information than others.

6)      You can also touch the discharge graph to see details about the hardware usage. (i.e. screen , wireless, GPS, etc.)

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