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How to (manually) update Kindle Fire to OS version 6.2.1

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How to (manually) update Kindle Fire to OS version 6.2.1

Your Kindle Fire is equipped with the ability to update the operating system wirelessly using any WIFI network.  This tutorial will go over the various ways to update your software including a manual update. Executing a manual update will require you to download the Kindle Fire OS from Amazon’s website.

What’s new in Kindle Fire OS 6.2.1

Fixes Existing Bugs – Stabilizes spinning carousel of apps at the home screen, etc.
Password Protection – The new OS upgrade allows Kindle fire owners to enable password protection for their device.  Parents will love that you can enable password protection to restrict online access and “1-click” buying features.
App Updates – Key apps such as TV, movies, and Internet radio have been updated.
Touch Navigation/User Interface – Improves touch navigation responsiveness. Enhanced fluidity and performance.

How to Check your Software Version

You might need to see which version of the Kindle OS is currently running on your program. To determine which OS version you are running, follow these steps:
1. Touch the “Quick Settings” icon.
2. Tap “more.”
3. Tap “Device.”
4. The version of your OS should now appear.

How to Update Your Kindle Fire Wirelessly

To update your Kindle Fire wirelessly, make sure you have a fully charged device.  Amazon wrote the OS in such a way that if your battery life is below a certain threshold, it will now allow you to update. Additionally, Amazon might not enable your device to receive the update during the initial release. During the first few days of an update rollout, Amazon selectively allows certain users to download the software to manager server bandwidth. With this said, follow these steps to update your Kindle Fire wirelessly:
1. Connect your Kindle Fire to a Wi-Fi network.
2. Touch “Quick Settings” icon on the upper right hand corner of your Kindle Fire.
3. Touch “Sync.”
4. According to Amazon, the software update will now automatically download in the background and your installation will commence when the software is completely downloaded and your Kindle Fire is asleep.

How to Manually Update your Kindle Fire (Requires micro USB cord)

Make sure your Kindle Fire is fully charged and follow these steps to manually update your Kindle Fire:

1. Download the Kindle Fire 6.2.1 update. This is a 182 megabyte file.
Click here to download Kindle Fire OS 6.2.1 update from the Amazon servers.

2. Turn on your Kindle Fire and connect it to your computer with a micro USB cord.
3. Unlock the Screen
4. Drag and drop the new update file from your computer to your “kindleupdates” folder found on your Kindle device.
5. Make sure the update file transfer is complete. The Kindle Fire 6.2.1 update file is 182 megabytes. Ensure that the entire file is intact on your device.
6. After the file has transferred, touch “Disconnect” on your Kindle Fire screen and unplug the USB cable.
7. We will now start the software update. Touch the “Quick Settings” icon. This can be found on the upper right hand corner of your Kindle Fire screen.
8. Touch “More.”
9. Touch “Device.”
10. Touch “Update Your Kindle.” If you have the most recent update, this option will be grayed out.
11. The update will now begin. Your Kindle Device will restart twice during the update.
12. When the update is finished, your screen will display “Current Version: 6.2.1”

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