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How to Manage Downloads on your Android Tablet

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September 10, 2011


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How to Manage Downloads on your Android Tablet

Android offers a Download app that allows you to quickly find your downloaded items such as pictures, email attachments, and files in one central place.  You can view or transfer these files to your computer by connecting your Android Tablet via a USB cord.  Downloaded files are store in the “Download” directory in your Android Tablet’s internal storage.

1)      Tap the “Downloads” icon in the Home.  The icon looks like a green arrow pointing down.

2)      Tap an item to reopen it.

3)      Tap headings to view earlier files that you have downloaded.

4)      To delete an item, check the item by pressing it then tap “Delete.”

5)      To sort by either size or time, tap the menu button and select “Sort by Size” or “Sort by Time”

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