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How to Integrate Twitter in your iPad

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October 23, 2011


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How to Integrate Twitter in your iPad

iOS 5 now supports complete Twitter integration with your iPad and other Apple iOS 5 devices. What this means is you can now tweet from within native and certain 3rd party iPad apps. For example, when you take a photo in the Camera you can tweet it within the Camera app with the click of a button. This goes for other popular native apps such as Maps, Photos, Safari , Youtube, etc.

1) Update your iPad to iOS 5 if havent done so. Instructions can be found here.

2) Tap the ‘Home” button.

3) Tap “Settings”

4) Select “Twitter” on the left hand pane. If you haven’t installed the Twitter App, press install on the right hand pane.  Enter your password when prompted. After your iPad finishes installing twitter, follow step 2 & 3 again and go back to the “Twitter” panel in the settings menu.

5) Sign in with your Twitter username and password. Please note you only have to sign in once as your iPad will now save that information. For those who do not have a Twitter account tap “Create New Account” and the follow the prompts provided.


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