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How to Extend your iPad’s battery life with Battery Boost Magic App

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January 24, 2012


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How to Extend your iPad’s battery life with Battery Boost Magic App

Version: 7.0
Minimum OS: iOS 3.1 or Later
Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

The Battery Boost Magic App is a useful app to help users diagnose and track their battery usage, helping you understand and enact better usage practices to extend your iOS device’s battery life. It is not a magical tool that will make your iPhone or iPad use less battery performing tasks, or make your screen miraculously more efficient. For conscientious users who already close down unwanted apps, watch background data syncing religiously, and reduce their screen brightness; this app will not help much, if at all. However, at 99 cents, users who previously did not systematically manage their iPad or iPhone, will find this app does help extend your iOS devices battery life.

Perhaps the most useful tool Battery Boost Magic App provides is the battery meter which gives readings at 1% increments and tracks the battery drain for your apps and hardware features. For example, you will know what percentage of the battery your screen or Wi-Fi receiver uses, and which app drains the most battery. Other measurements you fill useful in analyzing your battery drain is 3G talk time, 2G talk time, Wifi Internet web browsing, audio listening, and GPS consumption. This is not a comprehensive list as the app measures over 10 other device usage measurements. This is by far the most important tool to improve your battery life as you can now take steps to improve your device usage.
Other features you might find useful is the battery charge management system. Battery Boost Magic manages your charging cycle allowing you to charge to 100%, trickle charge, or top-off charge. However, if you want to extend your battery life cycle; that is, the number of times you can charge and discharge your battery before it degrading, we do not recommend using the top-off charge.  To extend your iPad’s battery life, and that of any device that uses lithium-polymer batteries, you should minimize how often your system is charged to 100%. This is why many other mobile systems such as Android, stop your battery from charging when its hits 90%, and rarely allows you to charge up to 100%.

One last feature we found helpful to novice battery managers is the collection of Battery tips with visual illustrations. Again, current battery wizards will find these tips common sense, but if you are new to the art of battery life extension it is well worth the 99 cent app cost.

You can download the app here or search for it in the app store:

Battery Boost Magic App

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  • Michael Tran

    I am still figuring out what Boost Magic is really does for my iPhone 4S.  It might just a waste of 99 cents.